Imagino Title
Imagino Title

Hardware Products

At the moment we are offering a single hardware option - the Imagino 1. A second option is presently in development, and this will become the Imagino 2, which will offer an expansion port and twice the built-in memory (EEPROM).

You can also build your own Imagino 1 using our design schematics together with standard components.

A kit of parts will also be available from us in due course.

Imagino 1

The ready-built Imagino 1 is the sole option available at present. We hope to introduce kits in next few weeks. These early ready-built machines are hand assembled in the UK from standard Microcontroller parts. This initial release is a Beta release for both Hardware and Software, and periodic software updates will be provided. The ready-built Imagino 1 is currently available at an early-adopter price of £17.99, including P&P.

Imagino 2 - coming Q4 2017

The Imagino 2 will build on the present design to add additional memory and a side-facing expansion port. More details will be published when they become available.

The expansion port will interface with a range of simple plug-in expansion modules, with a similar styling and price-point to the orginal Imagino machines.

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