Imagino Title
Imagino Title

Imagino 1

The Imagino 1 hardware consists of:-
  • a standard Arduino-compatible Uno R3 board
  • a compact LCD display with dimmable white backlight
  • an Infra-red receiver and remote control
  • a clock module with battery backup
  • a piezo-electric beeper
Also included:-
  • a USB lead
  • a Battery clip lead


There are two main programming options:-

Arduino IDE
The Arduino IDE is presently a free download as part of the Arduino Open-Source project. It allows the Imagino to be programmed using a PC/Mac via the USB connection with the C++ language.

4Runner Application
The 4Runner application has been developed by us (due for release end-September 2017) to allow the Imagino to be programmed via the remote control without the need for a PC. 4Runner is based upon a generic assembly language with high-level add-ons to manipulate the Imagino's various interfaces.

4Runner will be bundled with Imagino hardware.

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