Imagino Title
Imagino Title

Welcome to The Imagino Project

Welcome to the Project Website. You'll find a wide variety of information here - all about the great Imagino computing platform - the sub £20 freestanding control computer.
The Imagino is a small, modular computing platform based on a Microcontroller processor. It's an industry-standard chip built into a compact autonomous device that has its own backlit LCD display and remote control interface.
The Imagino comes with several software platforms included (via download), enabling the Imagino to become a free-standing programmable computer, a sophisticated home-hub timer, an experimenter's I/O Pin Manager or a miniature oscilloscope.
The Imagino has strong links to the Arduino open-source community, making both hardware and software add-ons easy to find and economical to buy.
The Imagino Project
We use industry-standard Microcontroller components to create simple, free-standing computing platforms and their associated software. The results are fast, versatile devices with low price-points. They are suitable for many, many uses as well as being an effective teaching/learning tool.

Imagino is Spanish for "I imagine".

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