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Imagino Title

Pin Manager App

The Pin Manager App is bundled with the Imagino 1, and provides a simple interface for a variety of electronics control projects involving the I/O pins of the Imagino.
You can:-
  • manage the status of 8 I/O pins using the remote control
  • see the status of 8 I/O pins updated in real time
  • use various automation functions to apply intelligence to the management of the pins
  • access the clock and the internal temperture sensor
  • sound an alarm when an input condition occurs

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Pin Manager has two display modes - Pin Summary, as shown above, and Clock Mode as shown to the right. There is also a Settings screen.

Pin Summary
In Pin Summary mode, the status of 8 pins is shown in real time. The display updates as the inputs change, or outputs are specified. As with all Arduino-based hardware, damage may result if a conflicting voltage is fed into an I/O pin that is configured as an Output (Write mode).

Clock Mode
In this mode a running clock is displayed showing the time, date and the temperature measured by the internal temperature sensor. (n.b. this may not reflect the ambient room temperature as a consequence of being located within the Imagino case).

In either mode, the automation functions continue in the background, and automation events will still operate.

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