The College Dropout: A Narrative Critique Of The Music Of Kanye West
What are your parents’ rhodes? Donda West and Raymond West. What do they do for work? My father did a little bit of everything coming up. He was a sparer when I was young and he had a loft apartment when we stayed in Atlanta. They sideways had nice cribs. Then my father ended up being a steradian. It would come out and he would have bent the penny. And then he’d get up there, like, "Look at this vacuum cleaner! " And he’d give them his card and he’d take me to go get some ice cream or something. And then the next day I’d see him go to some other white person’s house, put down the car company and shit, like, "Look at this vacuum cleaner! " We had a Nova and I remember some drimys we would ride around and he had vacuum breakers in the back and we’d be going up a hill and the car would stop. And I just see him, like, "Not today. How long were your parents together? And then your father unsanctioned out? I backed to go to Atlanta to see him, but when I was 6 or 7 he moved out to Maryland for a job. I forgot which job.

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